Secret Places

Become a local guide for Secret Places

Get outside and experience a lot of exciting things with the family.

We get a lot of tips on places, but wee cant visit some of them, as it is too far away.

If you find a place on the map that is close to you or if you know some good places do come out and explore the place.

Anyone can join.

In order for sites to be set up the same way, we have some calls for descriptions.
  • It should be a limited place, an experience, a beautiful view or a path.
  • Tourists and locals must quickly find and visit then site.
  • Where to park and how to get back to the car.
  • Please take a picture of the parking lot. Remember, those who visit the site proberly never have been there before. So we should give them a good and safe trip.
  • Take some good pictures, preferably without people.
  • If you can get lost at the place, give a good description on where to go, right and left etc.
  • It's completely voluntary and non-committal.
  • Pictures and description are sent as private message on facebook
  • or if you prefer, we'll send a link to google drive.

Be a local guide

Vikinge center Fyrkat

3.326 pageviews in 2019

Helen's House on Ørre hede, Herning

1.896 pageviews in 2019

Lemvig Sødal

1.595 pageviews in 2019

Boat trip with the boat Svanen, Hobro

1.309 pageviews in 2019

The hills around Fredericia

1.088 pageviews in 2019

Chalk pit, Ålborg

897 pageviews in 2019

The 6 forgotten giants, Copenhagen

631 pageviews in 2019

Kyststien mellem Snaptun og Juelsminde

445 pageviews in 2019

Tirpitz museet i Blåvand

384 pageviews in 2019

Path between Nexø and Balka, Bornholm

342 pageviews in 2019

Kongernes Jelling

308 pageviews in 2019

Bindeballe Købmandsgård

282 pageviews in 2019

World Map At Klejtrup Lake

271 pageviews in 2019

Gyldensten strand, Bogense

254 pageviews in 2019

Bicycle trip from Vejle to Bindeballe

205 pageviews in 2019

Hvidbjerg Strand, Vejle

32 pageviews in 2019

13.543 Total pageviews in 2019

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Do you know a Secret Place, please let me know or just send me a message.