Secret Places

This is a list of hidden gem attractions in Denmark. Most of the unique secret places are in Eastern Jytland, but we are expanding to explore most of Denmark.

Some places are historical and others are just found in love to the nature.

Scan the code with your mobile camera, save the page as a bookmark.

There aren't many hidden treasures in Denmark, but our motto is, if you dident know that this unknown wonder exist, this must be a secret place.

This page is used both by locals and tourists in Denmark, and we hope to be the tourist guide for places you must see.

Danish tourism is not only Copenhagen, the little mermaid and the North Sea Coast.

There are lots of alternavite things to see in the mainland of jylland, Fyn, Sjælland and all the small ilands.

Denmark has wonderfull nature, it is clean, people are friendly and we have a lot of costline. You can not get further away form the sea than 57 km, anywhere in Denmark.

We wish you a really good journey in Denmark.

How to behave when your are on tour in Denmark?
If you stick to these simple rules, you can get a really good trip without meeting angry homeowners, forest owners and foresters.

Meeting other people on tour?
It is a good practice to see and greet the people you meet on the trip. If there is one or two, you must say -Hey to both. If there are more then -Hey to the first, one in the middle and the last. It may also be enough to give a friendly nod.

It is a simple thing, but we meet the "dangerous" people in the open nature. We do not have the opportunity to call for help. Greeting and looking at the others gives a signal that I have seen you and I know you have seen me. You dont have to be afraid of me and Im not afraid of you.

If you want to talk, it is super easy. -Hey, have you gone a long way? -Hey, lots of nature here! Then the conversation is in progress.

The worst thing you can do is have your head covered with a hoodie, your hands in your pocket, not to greet, peek into the ground, avoid eye contact.

Just think about when the surviving groups in a zombie apocalyptic movie meet each other, it is a bit the same wee are out in here. Just without Zombies.

In big cities wee do not greet and mind our own business.

What are the rules for a trip in open land and cities?
You are allowed to walk on all roads and paths. Every place that obviously does not belong to a private garden or backyard you can visit. Youre not allowed to walk on fields (whether they are grown) or on the farmers gravel road. Avoid roads with private signs.

What are the rules in the forest?
You are allowed to walk on all paths and roads. If there is a green forest sign at the entrance to the forest, there is public access. In general, you are not allowed to ride your bike on small paths, you must not throw waste and you must not light fire.

What are the rules in private forests?
At the forest sign at the entrance you can see if it is a private or state forest (look for the word privat). In a private forest you are allowed to walk on all major roads and paths. You have access to the forest from sunrise to sunset. You cannot use a tent or light a fire, you must not stay near private houses, you must not take anything from the forest. Remember it is a private person who owns the forest, just as if it were your own garden. So you are a guest of another persons private property.

In shelter areas, however, it is allowed to make bonfires.

What are the rules in state forests?
State forest is owned by the danish state. You can stay overnight and be in the forest 24 hours a day. You can only make bonfires at shelters and marked areas. You may take cones, small branches or moss from the forest. However, you must not take firewood. You are allowed to walk virtually everywhere in the forest also outside the paths. Do not stay near private houses.

Dogs should always be on a leash, even if you have full control of the dog. You can meet people who are afraid of dogs or dogs who are not friendly. There are lots of good dog forests where nice dogs can run freely.

Do not go into fences with cows and bulls if you have your dog. Cows see the dog as a predator and will try to trample on your dog and you.
Would you like to help exploring exciting places so that secret places can cover all of Denmark?

Scan the code with your mobie camera, save the page as a bookmark.

The rediscovered bridge - Vestbirk

27.925 pageviews in 2020

55.111 pageviews in 2019

As I live right near the bridge, I had the opportunity to follow the excavation of the bridge every single day. It was exciting to see how it slowly appeared.

Fyel bathing lake, Østbirk

23.093 pageviews in 2020

A brand new bathing lake has been created in the gravel pits between Østbirk and Vorvadsbro.

The Seven Year Lakes at Billund

10.303 pageviews in 2020

Randbøl hede and Frederikshåb's plantation is a huge area with lots of beautiful nature. Inge, took a walk in the area and here comes her exploration.

Trelde Næs, Fredericia

9.666 pageviews in 2020

Trelde Næs is a good excursion destination. There is a beach and good trails in the forest. On the right side of the peninsula there are steep slopes and lots of overturned trees.

Vrads Sande

9.048 pageviews in 2020

A large heather area with good trails and the road that leads right through the countryside.

Stenhøj Strand to the right

8.959 pageviews in 2020

From the parking lot you can go to the left and there is a nice and orderly beach. If you turn to the right instead, you will experience a wild landscape with deep cracks in the forrest and big landslides.

The hills around Fredericia

7.119 pageviews in 2020

9.170 pageviews in 2019

The end of the world, Uldum Pond

6.741 pageviews in 2020

Good walking around Uldum pond. There are plenty of wooden trails and the trip is probably 7-8 kilometers in total. Huge skies and open spaces.

Forest snake Kibæk, Herning

5.704 pageviews in 2020

8.450 pageviews in 2019

An art project with lots of artists who have made arrangements in the forest. Really exciting and a really good excursion destination. The walk goes through woods and meadows. A really good walk of 3-4 kilometers. There can easily be 100 meters between each work of art.

Die Hügel am Gammel Rye

5.512 pageviews in 2020

A great place for a walk with the family. The hills are just outside of Gammel Rye.

Bunkers at Gammel Ry

5.405 pageviews in 2020

7.402 pageviews in 2019

In the forest at the old airfield just south of Gammel Ry there are some bunkers from World War II. It is an incredibly nice area with lots of good walks.

Ravnsø, Ry

4.823 pageviews in 2020

6.077 pageviews in 2019

A really nice swimming lake in the middle of the forest.

Sugarhill Gammel Ry

4.543 pageviews in 2020

6.876 pageviews in 2019

A long hill comb with stunning views and a huge forest.

Gammel Ry Airfield

4.081 pageviews in 2020

8.864 pageviews in 2019

A path that goes through dense forest right where the headquarters of the German bunkers lay. There are plenty of good places in the area, but this trail is very special.

Luftschutzbunker, Lunden Horsens

3.645 pageviews in 2020

Have you thought what is under the concrete towers of the old bomb shelters?

The Garden of Ecology in Odder

3.281 pageviews in 2020

14.707 pageviews in 2019

The garden of ecology in Odder is really cozy with a small cafe, lots of flowers, bees, goats, sheep, donkeys and a couple of pigs.

Uldum Kær

3.122 pageviews in 2020

8.610 pageviews in 2019

As part of the project of finding paths in East Jutland we were in Uldum kær. Finding the paths was not an easy task as we do not know the area.

Funder ruin, Silkeborg

3.088 pageviews in 2020

5.711 pageviews in 2019

Raspberry valley forest. The remains of a wine cellar from a cottage built in the early 1900s.

The Ravning Bridge, Vejle

2.908 pageviews in 2020

7.457 pageviews in 2019

An old Viking bridge over the bog.

Elleskovstien, Hørsholm

2.836 pageviews in 2020

725 pageviews in 2019

A wooden path through the marshy area towards Sjælssø.

Snepstrup church path

2.771 pageviews in 2020

5.962 pageviews in 2019

The renovated path between Sneptrup rectory and Ovsted Church. Really beautiful nature and there are wooden paths !!

Borre Knob, Juelsminde

2.756 pageviews in 2020

7.487 pageviews in 2019

It is a seaweed that goes far out in Horsens fjord. Almost all the way to Alrø. Park right after the conference center. There is a nice car park.

Sangstrup Cliff, Djursland

2.755 pageviews in 2020

2.064 pageviews in 2019

A coastline with steep limestone walls.

Træskohage lighthouse, Stouby

2.755 pageviews in 2020

4.549 pageviews in 2019

A closed lighthouse on the north side of Vejle fjord.

Lions head, Stensballeskov, Horsens

2.445 pageviews in 2020

6.378 pageviews in 2019

A special place deep in Stensballe forest. The lion head has surely adorned a regulating mechanism for the small water mill that has driven by the dammed lake.

Beach park, Horsens ved Næsset

2.436 pageviews in 2020

1.220 pageviews in 2019

A small beach where there are rarely many people. The park is part of the old water park which was there until 1973.

Sletterhage Lighthouse, Djursland

2.341 pageviews in 2020

6.396 pageviews in 2019

A well-attended place, yet it kept secrets in the old concrete tunnel.

The megalithic grave Grønhøj, Horsens

2.310 pageviews in 2020

20.719 pageviews in 2019

The megalithic grave is from approx. 3200 BC

It was first excavated in 1832, but it went terrible wrong when one of the big cover stones in the ceiling fell down. There were two men inside the chamber, who just and hardly escaped.

Next attempt was made in 1940, where everything went as it should. The megalithic grave was restored and is still beautiful and there are probably no more stones falling down.

The big blue well, Arden

2.156 pageviews in 2020

954 pageviews in 2019

A fairly large well with azure blue water.

Troensø Horsens fjord

2.138 pageviews in 2020

5.064 pageviews in 2019

The "island" is a sandbank that has formed over the last 50 years. In 2011, the island was so large and with plants that it could be called a real island.

Wolves valley, Horsens

2.100 pageviews in 2020

3.514 pageviews in 2019

A disused gravel pit that is now laid out as a natural area.

The water mill in Salten Forest

2.062 pageviews in 2020

4.264 pageviews in 2019

An old abandoned watermill that was previously used as a dam.
Unfortunately, much has collapsed so there is now only a creek, but the road through the gorge is quite amazing.

Swan Lake, Skanderborg

2.041 pageviews in 2020

15.143 pageviews in 2019

A beautiful tour around the lake, which starts between houses and ends deep inside the forest.

Gammelstrup Lock gate

2.036 pageviews in 2020

5.033 pageviews in 2019

The place is a fairly large lake hidden in the forest. There is an almost jungle-like forest along the Gudenå and there is a beautiful lock at the lake.

Bunkers at the marina, Aarhus

2.020 pageviews in 2020

85.707 pageviews in 2019

Slightly eerie pipes that acted as protective rooms.

The Grejsdal path between Vejle and Jelling

2.016 pageviews in 2020

3.487 pageviews in 2019

In 2017 the Grejsdal path opened where you can walk between Vejle and Jelling. It is also possible to take short trips on the path. We were in the opening ceremony and there were a lot of people and mud.

Haurum sea-stone, Uldum

2.016 pageviews in 2020

906 pageviews in 2019

One of the largest stones in Denmark. 10 meters in circumference and 2 meters high. It is said that only half are above ground.

Mossø, a small beach.

1.995 pageviews in 2020

3.208 pageviews in 2019

On the east side of Mossø there is a cozy little beach.

Search for the holy spring, Gammel Ry

1.970 pageviews in 2020

4.317 pageviews in 2019

The Holy spring in Gammel Ry? On one of our trips, we spoke with a huge viking with braided beard, he told that him and his wife often went to the holy spring near Gammel Ry to fill bottles of spring water so they had a store to drink. Perhaps it is St. Sørens sping at Sankt Sørens Church? Or can it be another?

Rosenvold Dunes, Stouby

1.944 pageviews in 2020

5.249 pageviews in 2019

A meadow area close to the beach, here the nature alternates between forest, meadow and something that could resemble dunes with reeds.

Klostermølle, Gammel Ry

1.913 pageviews in 2020

5.960 pageviews in 2019

The old paper factory

Ferup Lake

1.897 pageviews in 2020

184.916 pageviews in 2019

A lake along the walking route Troldhedestien, which was built on the disused railway tracks from Troldhedebanen. The railway was closed in 1968.

Egebjerg Lake, Horsens

1.869 pageviews in 2020

1.311 pageviews in 2019

A nice lake with a canal lock and the stream has a long twisted run. The upper path is most exciting, steeply down and narrow paths.

Tower Priorslykkevej, Horsens

1.847 pageviews in 2020

7.623 pageviews in 2019

One day we drove home from Horsens I came to see a tower on the edge of the forest. We have been driving a lot of times since Horsens is the nearest town and actually the city I was born and raised in. It was a secret place with that tower, I could see.

Solar System at Bollerstien, Horsens

1.832 pageviews in 2020

1.499 pageviews in 2019

At the beginning of the path is the sun. Further out of the path come all the planets. It really gives a good insight into how big our solar system really is.

Panoramaruten Mariager Fjord

1.822 pageviews in 2020

1.055 pageviews in 2019

Path between Hobro and Bramslev Bakker. You can choose to start at both sites. In 2016, the route was certified as a Premium Hiking Trail by the Deutsches Wanderinstitut. The path is 10 kilometers long and ends back in the parking lot. NOTE: The path goes through fields with sheep and cows.

Hvidbjerg Beach, Vejle

1.775 pageviews in 2020

224 pageviews in 2019

A dune area in East Jutland, very special.

The infinite bridge

1.735 pageviews in 2020

4.396 pageviews in 2019

A circular bridge into the sea, near Tangkrogen.

Høgdal Silkeborg

1.729 pageviews in 2020

8.609 pageviews in 2019

An old farm that the Silkeborg municipality took over in 1976 and is run by volunteers.

Cycling trip Nørrestrand Horsens

1.727 pageviews in 2020

4.563 pageviews in 2019

Beautiful bike ride from Nordre beach road through colony gardens and reeds.

Kings bridge, Silkeborg

1.690 pageviews in 2020

3.985 pageviews in 2019

A place where you can walk on a bridge under a bridge! If you go under the bridge you will reach the trail between Silkeborg and Randers. It is a long path that in the old days was used to pull boats upwards the river. The boats were pulled by horses or by hand. There are lots of both old and new wooden steps through the marshy area.

Bird Tower Snaptun

1.631 pageviews in 2020

2.065 pageviews in 2019

The bird tower was made in 2018 and is built around a large tree. Here you have a view of the harbor and the islands Alrø and Hjarnø.

Ebeltoft City, Djursland

1.630 pageviews in 2020

5.724 pageviews in 2019

Ebeltoft is an exciting city with lots of small streets where the houses are old and crooked. There is a long pedestrian street with lots of tourist traps and eateries. Yet here is incredibly cozy. And the whole town of hollyhocks. The city is the center of all holiday homes, campsites and tourists visiting Djursland.

Swamp path Skanderborg

1.609 pageviews in 2020

5.275 pageviews in 2019

Behind the treatment plant there is a nice forest. Drive along the road at the sewage treatment plant. Keep right on the open area at the end of the road. Then there is a forest boom and a dog forest right after.

Møgelkol Voerladegaard

1.595 pageviews in 2020

5.023 pageviews in 2019

Beautiful forest right down to Mossø. Møgelkol is the viewpoint overlooking most of the lake. Very hilly and steep walk.

Chr. Winthers Sti, Holte

1.589 pageviews in 2020

1.673 pageviews in 2019

Wooden path along the lake shore.

View point at Sukkertoppen

1.576 pageviews in 2020

4.035 pageviews in 2019

The view is at the other end of the ridgeline where the real Sukkertoppen is. It is a point highest up on the hill with absolutely free view of Mossø.

Harbour porpoise Safari, Kerteminde

1.564 pageviews in 2020

799 pageviews in 2019

Fjord & Bælt in Kerteminde has during the summer Harbour porpoise Safari. It is a fast trip in the inflatable boat that sails 50 knots.

Enigma machine in Skanderborg

1.556 pageviews in 2020

5.583 pageviews in 2019

Deep in the forest we found two large underground bunkers. One contained a genuine German Enigma encoder.

Øm Monastery Museum

1.521 pageviews in 2020

38.489 pageviews in 2019

Øm monastery was formed in 1172 by Cistercian monks. It became a huge manor with lots of land. By the Reformation in 1536, they lost their possessions and the monastery was closed in 1560.

Beautiful valley between the manor houses, Vejle

1.497 pageviews in 2020

4.052 pageviews in 2019

A small forest that starts between the houses and ends at the church. It is close to one of Vejles steepest roads, Stampesvej.

The lake at Vrads station, Bryrup

1.487 pageviews in 2020

Behind Vrad's station there is a beautiful lake and a huge forest area.

Stenhøj Strand to the left

1.483 pageviews in 2020

2.818 pageviews in 2019

A nice stone beach with very steep slopes.

Purhøj north, Horsens

1.468 pageviews in 2020

5.378 pageviews in 2019

A path that goes on the north west side of Purhøj, the path goes through dense forest, up the side of the hill and ends at the foot again.

Stenbjerg landingsplads

1.464 pageviews in 2020

3.550 pageviews in 2019

An iconic place you just have to visit if you are a tourist at the westcoast of Denmark.

Harteværket, Kolding

1.461 pageviews in 2020

4.631 pageviews in 2019

An active hydropower plant with an experience center.

Fingerhav Bollerskov, Horsens

1.440 pageviews in 2020

2.074 pageviews in 2019

A small peninsula in Horsens fjord.

Skanderborg Valley

1.439 pageviews in 2020

21.855 pageviews in 2019

Skanderborg, Legårdsvej. Interesting vally

Moesgaard Manor House Garden

1.411 pageviews in 2020

6.331 pageviews in 2019

Next to the Moesgaard museum is the old manor house with an interresting garden.

Vestbirk hydroelectric power station

1.349 pageviews in 2020

2.834 pageviews in 2019

A hydropower plant that still produces electricity and the walk itself is pretty good. Some times there are arranged tours, but you can always see the old dynamos and gauges by looking in the windows. Especially the outlet under the plant looks great with the rushing water.

The kings pond, Vejle

1.337 pageviews in 2020

3.434 pageviews in 2019

A beautiful area just outside Vejle, on the way to Billund.

Dyrehaven, Vejle

1.320 pageviews in 2020

939 pageviews in 2019

The Deer garden in Vejle is special as you can drive thru i in your car.

Norsminde Harbor

1.297 pageviews in 2020

824 pageviews in 2019

Cozy little harbor with a beautiful beach further out.

The megalithic grave Mårhøj, Fyenshoved

1.252 pageviews in 2020

854 pageviews in 2019

Bygholm Meadows, Horsens

1.228 pageviews in 2020

1.055 pageviews in 2019

A walk through the meadow, you go under the highway throu a tunnel with af walking bridge, then finally through a smaller tunnel back under the highway. Beautiful natural area, there is plenty of traffic noise from the highway. But if you can ignore the noise it is a great trip.

Gejsdalstien, from Lerbæk Møllevej, Vejle

1.206 pageviews in 2020

5.409 pageviews in 2019

A good walk through a flat landscape, it goes steeply down to a lot of wooden stairs and bridges. The path goes all the way from Vejle to Jelling. Also nearby is one of Denmarks only hairpin bends.

Ejer baunehøj, Skanderborg

1.206 pageviews in 2020

9.711 pageviews in 2019

It is probably not the most secret place, but it is quite cozy and there arent many visitors. It is one of the highest places in Denmark with 170.35 meters. The trip to the right of Ejer Bavnehøj goes to Møllehøj 170.86 meters, which is the highest place we have in flat Denmark.

Landscape of heather and broom, Hærvejen

1.155 pageviews in 2020

1.406 pageviews in 2019

Boller Castle garden, Horsens

1.138 pageviews in 2020

918 pageviews in 2019

The garden is cared for by volunteers and has both a park, a Japanese garden and a medicinal garden.

The stones of the gods, Bøgebjerg Strand

1.129 pageviews in 2020

936 pageviews in 2019

A large rock in the waters edge with bowl shaped holes from the Stone Age.

The long staircase, Fyenshoved

1.081 pageviews in 2020

2.803 pageviews in 2019

A staircase up to a fantastic view of the entire Fyenshoved.


978 pageviews in 2020

745 pageviews in 2019

A walk to the outer tip of Fyenshoved

Bridge at Ry marina

756 pageviews in 2020

A little walk in the area behind the Ry marina

The small path around Blidsø, Gl. Rye

688 pageviews in 2020

Blidsø is a small but popular lake in the middle of the forests by the old airfield.

Places not yet explored.

If you come by, please send photo and descriptions to us.

Help get secret places to cover all of Denmark.

Place Description

Helen's House on Ørre hede, Herning

1.392 pageviews in 2020

2.779 pageviews in 2019

An old poor house built in 1816 to house the cellar Johannes Axelsen and his family. The house is now a small museum. It turned into a small community with 5 houses called Sammelstedby.

Chalk pit, Ålborg

1.281 pageviews in 2020

1.162 pageviews in 2019

A chalk pit from the Aalborg Portland Cement Factory.

The 6 forgotten giants, Copenhagen

1.180 pageviews in 2020

884 pageviews in 2019

The giants can be found in i Rødovre, Hvidovre, Vallensbæk, Ishøj, Albertslund og Høje Taastrup. The are a part of a tresurehunt for beatifull nature. All are made of recycled wood. Link

Kyststien mellem Snaptun og Juelsminde

1.078 pageviews in 2020

618 pageviews in 2019

Path between Nexø and Balka, Bornholm

1.031 pageviews in 2020

650 pageviews in 2019

Gyldensten strand, Bogense

924 pageviews in 2020

490 pageviews in 2019

Lemvig Sødal

911 pageviews in 2020

1.824 pageviews in 2019

An ice age landscape with deep channels.

Tirpitz museet i Blåvand

885 pageviews in 2020

656 pageviews in 2019

A bunker museum where much is encapsulated in glass. The well-known architect Bjarke Ingels has been involved in the project

World Map At Klejtrup Lake

867 pageviews in 2020

489 pageviews in 2019

Bindeballe Købmandsgård

855 pageviews in 2020

494 pageviews in 2019

Søby Brunkulsmuseum

855 pageviews in 2020

686 pageviews in 2019

Vikinge center Fyrkat

844 pageviews in 2020

3.551 pageviews in 2019

Boat trip with the boat Svanen, Hobro

843 pageviews in 2020

1.494 pageviews in 2019

Kongernes Jelling

819 pageviews in 2020

480 pageviews in 2019

Bicycle trip from Vejle to Bindeballe

753 pageviews in 2020

364 pageviews in 2019

730.448 Total pageviews in 2019
279.174 Total pageviews in 2020

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